FBASourcingChina Canton MeetUp in Guangzhou, China. October, 22th, 2018

FBA Sourcing China is welcoming you for a day of fun, business and a lot of knowledge

If you are coming to the Canton fair in Guangzhou this coming October, you will have some time to “kill” in between the phases of the fair.

So, we developed a great option for you, join our FREE full day of “behind the scenes”, designed for Amazon sellers.

We will meet in the morning, and drive with a private bus to see, learn and talk about many topics in the Amazon seller day-to-day work.

schedule for the day:

9:00 am – meeting at a central location (we will update the location at a later stage, once we will know where guests are staying).

10:30 am – visiting package factory.
We will learn the options of creating gift boxes, special layouts for bundles, special packing materials for different products and more…
During the visit, we will give you tips and tricks in packaging, to save volume and reduce shipping/storage costs.

12:30 pm – launch together in a local restaurant (don’t worry, we will have western food as well on the table), and talk about sourcing in China, the different business culture in China and the way we need to work with salespeople when we source.

03:00 pm –visiting a plastic production factory.
During our visit, we will learn about the plastic goods production process, understand the potential and risks in the development of a new product in China.
During the visit, we will give you tips and tricks with local Chinese logistics, inspection and prep process & international shipping.

06:00 pm back to the meetup location, and saying goodbye.

* Schedule & timing may change, notice will be sent to the attendees


Feel free to ping us on info@fbasourcingchina.com in case you need any assistance, and have any issues in setting up the travel details.

Kindly fill the contact form above so we can get in touch with you.

You are also welcome to visit us at our Shenzhen office. Please contact us and we will schedule your visit together.

We will be happy to host you during the day and help you earn knowledge and understandings, normally, Amazon sellers can only read in articles, but can’t see for their own eye.

Join our business day of fun (for free) by signing in the registration form above.